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About Us

Forric Engineering is a general engineering company, based in Pretoria and was established in January 1975. We offer our clients professional manufacturing services such as repair and machining of Pump and Gearboxes, flame proofing of electric motors, welding and so much more. Our mission is to strive for engineering excellence and manufacture products of the highest standards for our clients.


We have supplied various manufacturing services to clients all over South Africa. With many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, our team is able to assist our clients with the following manufacturing services, such as: 

Boring Mill and
Line Boring

Manufacturing of
Fibre Glass Moulds

Flame proofing of
Electric Motors

Key Way and
Gear Cutting

Repair and machining of
Pumps and Gearboxes  

Resleeving of End Shields and
machining of armatures

Turning of shafts and
bushes, ect.



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We strive for engineering excellence

We deliver manufactured products of highest standards